Things Smart PUBG Players Do

Today we would be looking at some things that smart PUBG players do, these are not just going to be random tips and tricks they are going to be things that smart players have a general knowledge of and carry around with them to outsmart and out think their enemies in every game.

The S Dive

Now you may have heard of this technique it’s called the S dive, it is also referred to as the wave dive I believe as well but essentially what this is it’s a technique where you are coming out of the plane to get on the ground faster to be ahead of the curve no pun intended and land faster than everybody else. What this does is it allows you to do is get that sheer speed of just falling straight down but also getting the distance of the like flat dive toward wherever you are going.

You can save at least sometimes 5 to 7 seconds which in a game like this is very crucial especially going to a place like Mikado or whatever sort of hot drop if you have those very valuable seconds then that could be enough to get you one gun and set up.

Now, because this is a relatively brand-new concept and not a lot of people are using this technique to dive I would probably say practice on it right away get used to it as it is different and you might not get it every single time or you might even be late if you screw it up.

So it definitely has a skill gap to it but once you can master this you’ll be landing first before anybody it doesn’t really work as well at super long-distance places where you have to glide the whole time to get there but it works really well for places that are medium to close range.

Pubg Fans

Pubg Fans


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