PUBG celebrating third anniversary with free skins

PUBG was released on March 23, 2017. PUBG stands for “PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. It is an online game in which one hundred players go to an island and kill the enemies and try to protect themselves by being killed. The safe area starts decreasing with time.

PUBG Skins

As the PUBG has completed three successful years so its owners are giving some new free content. They are giving free skins to the users who are playing PUBG on PC and consoles.

Are you excited to get this free content that is available in a box? And want to know what is given in this free box so let me tell you that the box contains a hoodie, parachute skin and M416 skin. But that gift box is not available for PUBG Lite. PUBG Corporation has also planned something exciting for 2020 that they would incorporate in this game some new features.

Free box

This is expected that the PUBG Corp. would change the maps and maybe the whole content. They told that the new maps and weapons will be available soon. The PC users can use the free box from March 23 to April 23. The PC users can get a free box from an in-game store before the gift time ends. And if you are using consoles so the free box is available to you from March 26 to April 25. As the console players log in they get the free box instantly.

Using this free box there are greater chances for players to win the game. PUBG developers have kept on upgrading the game over the period. And that is the only reason it is more popular than its competitors. Its popularity is increasing day by day.

The PUBG developers have not only introduced this free box but also have announced that there are something new arrivals in the game so keep your fingers cross and do a little wait because the changes will be launched soon. And the changes are related to the issues that the players are mostly concerned about. These changes will be announced soon and we are waiting impatiently for the changes.


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Pubg Fans

Pubg Fans


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