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Download PUBG for Playstation PS4, Xbox ONE, Windows PC, Android, Iphone and Ipad. PUBG has recently came out with an update that brings about a few changes in the audio quality of the game. It is not a change that has been met with a great deal of pleasantries, as many players think the battle royale shooter audio has been messed up. In response to that, a developer update has been released by PUBG Corp. to explain those changes.

PUBG explained, in the latest update, that the changes in audio come as a result of an implemented function for the plugin called the Head Related Transfer Function, also known as the HRTF. They went on to say that this particular plugin has only affected those sounds that are specifically related to empty cartridges, movements, and explosions.

Still, the previous version does not include the enemy gunfire sounds. Developers explained that there were more problems back when players were trying to tell the difference between sounds that were either right in front of right behind them. The PUBG Corp. developers did apologize to the community for not divulging such information at an earlier time frame, however.

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