PUBG Gets the Training Mode

This year, the popular game PUBG is planning to add a whole lot of new features and unique modes to the gaming sessions in order to increase the intensity of the gaming matches. Recently, however, the developers of the game announced that a brand new “Training Mode” is going to make a debut in the upcoming weeks along with some new rewards measures. The new updates that are going to join the viral game are designed to change the gaming atmosphere by intensifying the competition and granting more and more rewards and prizes.

What Is PUBG Training Mode?

Obviously, the upcoming “Training Mode” has been a top priority for the game’s developers as the keen gamers demanded that the PUBG gaming sessions be equipped with unique training phases that allow the gamers to experience the gaming aspects of PUBG thoroughly and with other users on board as well.

Fortunately, the demands of the gamers were considered and the “Training Mode” is hopefully going to join PUBG in the latest version. The new mode is designed to grant twenty gamers the opportunity to practice the game in a constricted map; and the great part is that the health level of the gamer doesn’t decrease instantly in the training match which will allow him extra time in the field to experience the game closely. Nevertheless, the PUBG developers said that the new “Training Mode” and the new rewarding setup are going through a testing period in order to determine their functionality and success. And as expected the latest version of PUBG is also going to flaunt a couple of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The rewarding techniques in the notorious game are, of course, very important propellers to the players and that’s why the game’s corporation decided to introduce some tricks and tweaks to the current system of rewards. For example, a supply system is going to give the players extra rewards for every completed mission and also for the time spent in the game. Plus there are more rewards for players who can combine both excellent gaming time and a top rank.

PUBG players

Prior to the latest update, PUBG players who spent exceedingly good time gaming weren’t rewarded; so, with the upcoming changes, gaming time will make a difference in the rewards techniques in PUBG. Moreover, a new AR weapon labeled as “MK47 Mutant” is debuting in the upcoming game version along with a new vehicle named “Tukshai” that’s reported to be slower than others but is a perfect fit for Southeast Asian areas of the Sanhok map. All in all, the latest PUBG game version is flaunting all of the above improvements for the players to test and then decide whether or not the gaming sessions are getting better.

Pubg Fans

Pubg Fans


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