PUBG for PS, PC and XBOX has made $1 Billion Revenue

PUBG has created and developed by South Korean video gaming Company named Bluehole. This game relies upon past mods that were made by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for various games, animated by the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, and wandered into an autonomous game under Greene’s imaginative heading. In this game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and quest for weapons and equipment to butcher others while refraining from getting killed themselves.

The available safe district of the game’s guide lessens in size after some time, directing suffering players into all the more firmly regions to power encounters. The last player or gathering standing triumphs the round. PUBG is the fastest growing game in the world. It is growing, growing and growing. According to the sensor tower PUBG is the fastest growing smartphone game. PUBG has crossed the $1 billion dollar revenue.

Everyone play PUBG. According to the research, that PUBG is known to more than 50% people in the world. They didn’t play but they hear the news or something about PUBG. May be you are thinking how PUBG become so popular and crossed the revenue of $1 billion dollar? I will tell you how PUBG become so popular immediately and crossed the revenue of $1 billion dollar revenue. Basically, when china banned PUBG. It immediately fall down. After that, China (where more than 60% people play PUBG) relaunched PUBG Mobile. Tecent tech giant helped to re-release PUBG in China.

In August 2018, PUBG revenue was $25 million dollar growth to more than $160 million dollar last month according to the sensor tower. That’s mean that PUBG growth 540% so rapidly. But it is not only about China. In other countries, people also play PUBG. PUBG got $63 million dollar revenue outside of china from a year earlier according to sensor tower. In these days, PUBG beat all the games. PUBG beat fortnite, knives out and so on. PUBG is growing rapidly.

There was no other game grow so rapidly. There is competition between PUBG, Knives out and Fortnite. Fortnite has made the revenue of $752 million dollars. Knives out has made $820 million dollars revenue. These games will not stop. PUBG is downloaded by more than four hundred million people. Now, there are 45 million new comers are also there. I think, PUBG will not stop growing. It will grow more and more in future.

Pubg Fans

Pubg Fans


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