PUBG 2018 E-sports Tournament

Last month, PUBG announced its Global Invitational esports tournament – PGI 2018 – that will put the gaming platform on the top of the esports industry as many teams and players are going to join competition. And to further raise the bar, PUBG Corp has stated recently that the PGI North America Qualifier that is going to choose the three representative teams at the PGI 2018 will have a trophy of 150000$ that’s planned to be split between the highest ranked winners.

It’s quite obvious that PUBG – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – is directing its focus to enhance its aspect and vision of the battle royale gaming experience. This is the second esports competition announcement made in the past month, and it’s assured that more competitions are coming our way. However, the North America qualifier is for the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The first round will include 320 teams split into 16 subteams. After four matches, the top ten contenders will be upgraded to the second round. The tournament is all set to start by 24th of May, and if you’re interested in joining the esports competition, check out the official sign-in links and sign up your crew immediately.

However, the third round is set to be launched by 26th of May; it will include the highest 80 contenders, all of whom are going to pass through random matches that are going to be live on Twitter and YouTube. A step further into the tournament, the highest 20 contenders of the round 3 will face each other in Burbank, California on 22nd-24th of June. The plan is that twelve matches are going to be carried out across the three days; and by the end of the 24th of June, the highest three contenders will fly to Berlin to decide who is the winner of the 2018 PUBG Global Invitational tournament.

It’s, undoubtedly, a calculated decision, to start an esports tournament, made by PUBG as their plans to benefit from and to increase its presence via the ever growing esports market are smartly carried out. Also, it can’t be denied that PUBG, alongside Fortnite, has elevated the position of the battle royale feature amongst the gamers. Yet, PUBG plans to capitalize on the success of the influential esports platform are mostly to crown PUBG as the ultimate winner of the esports field in 2018. The alluring 150000$ prize is going to be awarded to the winners; so, if you have your team of players ready, sign up for the PUBG esports tournament as soon as possible and get ready to leave with a big share of cash!

Pubg Fans

Pubg Fans


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