Download PUGB for Windows PC

Download PUGB for Windows PC today! That user uploaded a video clip in which he gives a few details about the changes to the games settings, as well. For instance, the attack button must first be moved to a different location for this hack to work. After placing the trigger, a player does not have to worry about tapping the button for attack. Instead, they can just use the index finger’s natural position to utilize the trigger, i.e., the gum wrapper. It might not work for everyone, but for those that play regularly or for longer periods of time, it can help out with overall discomfort or cramps in the hands.

The mobile experience has also received some new updates recently, so there are lots of new maps and modes to work with. Along with the addition of the Miramar desert map, an update was released, 0.4.0, that adds both Arcade and Training Ground modes. In the Arcade mode, up to 28 players can get matched randomly, applying any of six possible modifiers.

This adds a bit of a twist to the normal everyday tradition of run and gun play. These modifiers could be anything from being limited to just one single weapon or, the other extreme, having everything unlocked, also known as Item Haven.


Download PUGB for Windows PC

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